“Unlike dealing with individual brokerages, FRE's Accelerated Marketing Program allowed us to review and compare a large volume of various types of net leased properties at one time on our desktop computers. We were able to quickly narrow down the field and then focus on the properties that most interested us. I particularly appreciated the website’s very visible descending cap rate indicator as the bidding escalated. This program is leading edge technology, and we intend to use it going forward."

Harold Hofer

“We tried just about everything to market and sell our 100,000 SF manufacturing facility in Roswell, New Mexico. Naturally, I would have preferred that the property sell for more money but, in all honesty, we feel that the sale price represented its true market value. After a spirited 60-day marketing campaign, the property sold and the buyer closed ‘all cash’ in less than 40 days. Most importantly, the sale put money in our pocket and stopped the ongoing monthly expenses (taxes, maintenance, security and insurance) which were substantial. We made the right decision to bring in FRE and its Accelerated Marketing Program.”

Ron Klump

"Our Manchester, Michigan, manufacturing property had been listed with a well-known national brokerage company for almost two years without success when we were introduced to the FRE online auction marketing program. Our company wasn't familiar with the auction process and, quite frankly, we were a bit skeptical at first. But after talking to some of FRE's past clients, we decided to give it a try. Not only did the marketing team end up selling our Michigan property, but also a land parcel in South Carolina and two industrial properties located in Germany. We established a release price of €400,000 on one of the German properties and FRE sold it for €902,000. Needless to say, we were very pleased. I only wish we had more properties that we could include in this program."

Jay Woerner

"The FRE group provided us with an excellent ‘turn-key’ marketing service for our Trump Tower Condominiums in Palm Beach, Florida. There was nothing ‘distressed’ about these luxury residences. We chose FRE because they convinced us that their Accelerated Marketing Program would maximize our sales prices. They performed as promised, and I would recommend them.”

Donald Trump

“At the time, the County of Orange Bankruptcy was the largest government bankruptcy in US history. We needed to quickly dispose of hundreds of properties including land parcels, buildings, parks, marina docks; even a golf course. Dozens of companies submitted disposition proposals. We selected the FRE marketing professionals due to their extensive bankruptcy experience and their ability to provide us with a ‘turn key’ service including analysis, marketing, auction, brokerage and escrow. FRE was even able to advise us regarding the sale and lease back of our civic center buildings. The marketing professionals at FRE really know their business, and I would unequivocally recommend them.”

Chuck West

"Although we utilize real estate brokerage companies throughout the United States and around the world, Coca-Cola has relied on FRE for over 20 years to market and sell its most “challenged” properties. Their experienced staff of real estate professionals coupled with their online marketing programs get the job done."

Ken Owens

“We had our 285,000 SF office building located in downtown Albuquerque on the market for over three years without success. The property was challenging to say the least because it didn't include any parking. Finally our broker, Colliers International, introduced us to the FRE professionals. Their Internet based FRE platform allowed properties such as ours to be exposed to the national and international marketplace. After a considerable effort by both the Colliers and the FRE marketing team, we sold the property “all cash” to a local government agency. If you have a challenging property to market, I suggest that you talk to the professionals at FRE.”

Robert W. Hortsman

"As a mezzanine lender for the development of grand estate homes on the Florida coast, one of the toughest markets in the country, I couldn't believe the price points that the online auction marketing campaign generated in the end. The success of the campaign goes to show that FRE's online auction platform, FRE.com, is not only a solution for builders and developers but also financial institutions. I have not come across any other sales technique or marketing method that could have delivered such results in this difficult market. Thanks to 'Last Call' and other innovative features of FRE.com's technology, we are no longer stuck under the burden of standing inventory as so many other financial institutions are today."

Bryan Vrba

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